Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Services

INOVA offers exceptional digital marketing advice and resources that are scalable for small and medium sized businesses and organizations looking to get started in the digital space, as well as those looking to move towards more targeted, focused strategies.

Understanding the complex digital landscape through these channels helps you develop specific, targeted strategies within each channel as well as strategies to leverage content across channels.

Below are the most important digital marketing services we can provide to your company or organization.

  • Brand Style Guides, Logos, and Identity
  • Brand Development &¬†Management
  • Social Media Channel Establishment
  • Social Content Scheduling & Strategy
  • Research & Analytics
  • Targeted Digital Advertising
  • Social Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Content Management
  • Email List Management
  • e-Commerce Establishment & Best Practices

Digital Landscape

We fundamentally see the digital space through the lens of four channels:


All digital content owned by the company or organization including websites, videos, social channels, articles and other original content.


All digital content shared via social media channels such as Facebook posts, Tweets, Pins, and others.


Media coverage authored about the company or organization by other organizations or companies in the form of articles, videos, posts, or shares.


Paid digital media includes a variety of paid advertising and promoted posts on social channels, websites, search engines, and other digital media outlets that drive consumers to your owned, shared, or earned media.